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tv   Good Day New York  FOX  September 24, 2015 9:00am-10:00am EDT

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guaranteed for two years. plus get $350 back with a two year agreement. get out of the past. get fios. >> from fox 5 news, it's time for more good day new york. >> the pope is on the move, the pope is on the move. there he is in the popemobile. >> that is, actually, a replica of the holy father. >> oh, my goodness. >> outside fox 5 studios, and it looks so real. lots of people stopping on the street and taking pictures. >> it's created quite the scene. let's take a closer look at that madam due codes wax hue seem, the famous wax museum on 42nd street. >> basically, they're unveiling this figure of the pontiff right here on good day new york. >> wow. it really is uncanny. it's amazing, the resemblance. they spence hundreds of thousands -- spent hundreds of
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thousands of dollars on this and, well, it's what they do, monsignor. >> you know, monsignor franco, who's one of our guests today, he works for the holy see which is basically the liaison between the vatican and the u.s. monsignor franco knows pope francis. >> you know him personally. >> they go way back. >> yeah. 2002. >> 2002. so you've known him for and years. >> yeah. >> welcome to good day new york. >> thank you for inviting me. moment. >> hey, let's look at the washington d.c. right thousand the pope -- not the wax figure, but the pope himself, is on the move from his temporary residence on massachusetts avenue where the hill. he'll be addressing a joint session of congress. there'll be big tv screens outside of the capitol building so people can watch. look at that, tens of thousands have showed up. >> let me tell you something, he -- tell us about his energy,
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because he's 78 years old to. it's been a whirlwind in d.c. when he comes to new york city, it's going to be a whirlwind. >> well, first of all, i want to say to greg that that residence, you know, was also my residence, you know? when i was younger, 3339 massachusetts avenue, that's the residence, the papal residence -- >> that's where he stayed last night. you used to work there. what's the pope like? >> now, this is -- rosanna, i feel that this man has no age. >> he really -- >> and there is no age for someone who's really willing to do what god has given him the talent to do. >> so there's no age. he's ageless. >> he's -- >> monsignor, what is he like on a personal level? >> oh, he is so down to earth. first of all, he's not only a father, but he's a wonderful, wonderful man, you know, because he is down to earth. i love him simply was, you know, you can talk to him the way i'm talking to you.
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>> do you speak to him in italian -- >> and this is really beautiful. we always feel that our common language is italian. >> okay. >> he loves italian. let's not forget that when he went to south korea, you know -- >> he spoke some english there. >> right. five million people. but at one point after in english he said how about some italian? >> tell us something about -- we know the official biography, we though where he came from. >> right. >> we remember the election. what's something about him we don't know, something, i don't i don't know, does he like the mets? [laughter] >> he certainly loves the -- [inaudible] >> the what? do -- [speaking in native tongue] >> soccer? he watches it on tv? >> not on tv, but he loves to follow. he's a fan of them.
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historic argentinean soccer club. and he's so tonight, he has been -- so fond, he has been so fond of this club that he's always, whenever, whenever -- he's always asking about the results. >> you said yesterday that he was uncomfortable at first. people thought -- tell he what his personality was like before he became pope. >> well, i heard when he was in argentina he was a straight kind of guy, not overly, overly friendly. >> no. it was not a question of friendly. he was always serious because he was always concerned about the problems that he was dealing with -- >> and he had a lot. >> -- every single day. he used to take the bus, you know, he used to take normal transportation. he would not even get a cab -- and and even now he doesn't live in the vatican residency. >> no. santa marta. that's when i had the pleasure of celebrating my anniversary of ordination, and he was there at lunch with us.
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>> santa marta, right there. >> guest homes. monsignor. last week you invited me to the holy see to see the new bust -- >> right. >> -- that is going to be welcoming pope francis when he walks into the residency. >> right. >> later today. >> now, monsignor, did you give rosannaer higgs to go into pope's bedroom? >> definitely. >> definitely did! as well. >> i'll be there tonight. >> rosanna has been there all along, and i do have to say that it's a beautiful residence. however, it's kind of, well, the beginning of the 20th century. so -- >> what i -- >> it takes, we had some -- >> leaks. we had a few leaks. [laughter] it's so funny, because when i went there i said to the, you know, monsignor, this is beautiful. obviously, 72nd between madison and fifth. >> right. >> but, you know, it's not as opulent as you think inside.
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>> i hope you called the maids, all right? >> well, no. [laughter] we don't do that. >> the altar boys? who cleans up? >> we have some voluntary people, and we have three wonderful nuns. >> you're looking live right now at the holy see that you were just talking about. >> this is just on the corner. >> i know, right there. 72nd street. 20 east 72nd street. >> monsignor, what do you have planned for the pontiff tonight? he goes and does the mass as soon as he goes here -- >> no mass. >> what is it? >> what do you mean, the mass? >> st. patrick's cathedral? >> no, just vespers. >> and what is the difference? >> it's just, vespers is one of the hours that we say every single day. >> all right. now, monsignor, 20r78 is the mass. we've got tickets, by the way. >> oh, my. >> and we also have seats. you want to see where we are, rosanna? section 116, row 10, seat 16. >> everybody -- >> you got the picture?
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you have no idea how many requests. >> there's the pope's chair. rosanna, you're sitting courtside. i'm up a little higher. >> monsignor, i want to know what happens tonight when the pontiff goes to the residence. >> right. >> what are you going to do tonight? >> this is so beautiful because, you know, he will be welcomed be by two wonderful, young girls; one 11 and the other one is 8. they are giving him a bouquet of flowers, and they're going to say in english and then italian, you know -- [speaking italian] >> they related to you? >> they might be. >> and you're going to be in the room? >> not tonight. tonight i will be with you people trying to explain a few of the details. >> so, monsignor, what happens? does he have a nice little meal and basically retire for the night? >> very simple meal. he is very, very simple even
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when he takes his heels. >> i heard, is this true, monsignor, no pasta? >> lately are, because the doctor told him that he better, you know, kind of stay away there pasta. >> we love pasta, but a lot of carbs in that pasta. what else does he like to eat? >> a little fish, you know? nothing -- and vegetables. >> and i heard a little rice but noily soto -- no risotto? >> well, why not? [laughter] i do have to say when we had the cake for my anniversary at santa marta, you know, he loved it. my cake so much that he had two pieces. [laughter] >> how indulgent. love him. >> he's the pope. >> we love him. stay with us. we've got to go to robert hoses in midtown right outside st. patrick's for more on what happens next. robert. >> it will be, greg and rosanna, good to see you both. this is the fence that is set up
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all along fifth avenue. this is the west side of fifth avenue, but the same thing can be seep on the east side as side as well. thousands of people will be sandwiched this between this eight-foot-hyphens and this barricade which is right along fifth avenue. now, you'll notice that fifth avenue is open and quite traffic-free right now, but in less than an hour, it will close, and it will remain closed for basically the balance of the day until tonight after the prayer service that you guys were talking about at st. pat's has concluded. okay, so what's happening today? well, the open will leave washington right around 4:00 or so. he is expected to land at kennedy airport at about five, and then at 5:15 he will hop into a helicopter and chopper his way down to the downtown heliport right on the east river. and then he will, by motorcade, come uptown. and at some point someplace north of st. pat's, right around where we are, maybe four or five
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blocks north, he will exit his motorcade and get into one of those open-air popemobiles, and then he will make his way slowly south on fifth avenue as he is greeted by thousands of onlookers lining the avenue. he will make his way to st. pat's and be greeted by the governor and the mayor right at those bronze doors at st. patrick's can three drag, and then he will -- cathedral. yesterday cardinal timothy dolan had a message for the pontiff, and it was basically welcome to new york. >> as i told him in the beginning, i said i'm just so eager to show you this city that i love and this church that i cherish. so to be able to do that will be one of the thrills of my life. >> and when the pontiff steps foot in st. pat's tonight, he will be inside of a church that has undergone an amazing restoration, more than $175 million restoration there. and he better get some sleep tonight at that papal residence,
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because he has a busy day tomorrow at the u.n. and the garden and making his way through central park. coming in about half an hour, i'm going to be talking about a very special chalice that the pope will be receiving on his trip to new york. you will hear about the man who made that chalice and his special connection to the holy father. greg and rosanna, back to you. >> awesome. >> right now -- robert, thank you. there is a likeness like we've never seen of the pope outside of fox 5. take a look at this. live pictures. he's even in a popemobile. this is a wax figure from madame tussauds, the famous wax figure institute. >> right. >> they've got them all over the world. it started in london, now they've got 19. there's one on 42nd street, and, rosanna, we were up close -- >> it looked lifelike to me. eric is with madame tussauds, nice to have you with us. monsignor franco has actually seen the holy father up close and personal, and you've seen the figure. >> sure, naturally. >> what'd you think?
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>> i do have to say that it resembles the holy father perfectly. >> no, i heard that. it looks more like the pope -- >> well, he is -- no. wait a minute. [laughter] the pope is the pope, you know? but this is really a very good resemblance. >> well, thank you. thank you very much. we appreciate it. twenty studio artists took about three to four months to create this figure, and they take a tremendous amount of pride in the creation of these wax figures. i have to tell you, this is probably the best figure that i've seen. >> yes. >> how much did it cost? >> these figures cost about 2-$300,000. >> wow. where do you get the hundred for that a? that's a lot of money. >> we are not going to tell the holy father that. >> probably shouldn't mention that. >> madame tussauds is a business, it's okay. we buy ticket toss go in and enjoy these incredible figures. you did it off photographs, i take it? >> we spent a little over a week of just researching photographs and everything we could find of
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pope francis, you know? interesting enough, the most helpful photograph that we had was of the pope with queen elizabeth. and because the queen has done sittings with us in the past, we had her measurements, and we used that to compare -- >> interesting. >> very clever. >> interesting. now, are you unveiling this figure right here on good day new york? >> right here. nobody has seen this figure before. >> wonderful. that's a great tribute. >> by the way, people have been stopping, getting their picture taken. rosanna and i are planning on getting this that popemobile -- by the way, who was madame tussaud? >> madam madame tussaud got her french revolution -- >> and we've got to go to the real pope right now. >> let's go to washington, d.c., because we believe the pope is arriving at congress. there he is in the iffy yacht. mama mia -- >> why not? >> why can't we get him a bigger [laughter]
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>> no, no, no. actually, this is big for him. >> it is? >> usually, he loves to be in smaller cars. he's accustomed to smaller cars. probably the kind of, a small ford, the fiesta or anything -- >> right. >> he doesn't like big cars. if you go to the museums that we have in the vatican, you know, of all the cars that have been used by the pontiffs before, this is just a kind of a midget, you know? >> it's a fiat. a little compact fiat -- >> yeah, but there are some big fiats also. not this -- >> live pictures once again. the pope arriving at capitol hill. he'll be speaking to a joint session of congress. everybody will be there. >> this is history. >> it certainly is. the pope has never done this before. >> no. he is the first pope to address the congress. it's an incredible, historic moment actually. other popes have been to the
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john paul ii and benedict xvi on the birthday of benedict xvi. but, you know, this is really congress. congress is something. and i'm sure that he has a message to give. >> well, we're looking forward to hearing that later. >> yes. >> all right, this the meantime, mike woods, he has no real message -- [laughter] >> oh. but we love him because he tells us that we are going to have these two days, perfect weather. >> see that? he's paying attention. [laughter] thank you so much. my favorite -- i'm telling you. i've got to come over and say hello in just a bit. got beautiful days as you mentioned, monsignor. let's show you what's going on around the tristate for the papal visit, yes, indeed, two gorgeous days, today and tomorrow, especially today. we've got a sunny and warm one, high temps getting up to about 80 degrees for a high templater this afternoon, and tomorrow you're going to see sunny skies at least at the begin, but then some clouds do roll into the picture here a little bit later
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on. a little bit cooler though but no rain out there, and a lot of folks, yes, we need the rain, but it's not coming now, and i think timing wise, that's just fine with most be folks. 68, central park, 67 in bridgeport as well as montauk. it is 54 in sussex, 57 in monticello, newark checks this at 66 degrees. winds are starting to pick up, but they're coming in from the northeast at around 5-13 miles per hour, especially in the metro and coastal areas. but, you know, the winds aren't that big of a deal, but just something to make a note of. anyhow, mainly clear sky. high pressure's this control, see a few clouds way down to the south, really to the south of new jersey, and it's all because that same area of low pressure, this one right here, that's still stirring the pot, so to speak, in the southeast atlantic waters, keeping those showers going. man, it's been soggy around the coast of georgia, south carolina, north carolina. that will continue for the day here today, but there will be some changes coming up as time goes on.
9:17 am
take a look at the future cast, and it keeps that area of low pressure rotating and actually drifting in toward the coastline of south carolina later today. for us it's clear because high pressure's in control. it's kind of holding that moisture and so on down to the south of us. but that only lasts for a little while. the area of low pressure still trying to drift inward into south carolina. not bad here tomorrow, but the clouds do start to thicken up friday into saturday and then high pressure starts to lose this battle. the area of low pressure, it's going to drift up close to us but not necessarily make a pass by. that's why we're only getting kind of brushed by this, maybe a few showers over the southern sections of new jersey. high temp going up to 80 degrees here today, sunny skies, 75 for you tomorrow. our next chance of showers is with that low passing by close on monday morning, but all the way up until then, pretty much dry and a little bit warmer than normal. >> mike, thank you very much. we're going to go live right now to washington d.c. thousands outside the capitol building.
9:18 am
the pope is inside the capitol. his speech starts at 10:00. rosanna, it's all coming to new york! >> it is eventually. >> eventually. >> well, in a few hours, at 5:00. >> by the close of business he's in new york city and, man, it's going to be joyous but also pretty intense. >> meanwhile, we're looking at the speaker of the house on the right, john boehner. he's waiting for the pontiff to arrive. you know, john boehner can be a very emotional kind of guy. >> he sure can be. >> do you think he's going to cry when he sees the pontiff? >> well, he's devoted to him. >> he is doe -- devoted? >> john boehner is a catholic. he's the one who inviolented him to congress. -- invited him to congress. >> by the way, the full address will be televised on my 9 and, of course, we'll have it streaming on our web site, >> yeah. but don't worry about it right now, it doesn't start until 10:00. in the meantime, empire, the debut episode last night. >> hakim is going to be here. yes, you know him. he's going to be here on good
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9:22 am
>> kind of hard to pick up, pleasant tries. translator. >> monsignor miles. entourage. >> cardinal pyle, archbishop -- [inaudible] who is the secretary of state. >> so they're from the vatican? >> they are from the vatican. >> what about the cardinal in d.c.? >> no, the cardinal is there, cardinal wuerl is from washington, d.c. >> we're keeping an eye on things in d.c. in the meantime, did you keep an eye on what happened last night on tv? >> empire, season two, long anticipated. watch this, a highlight from last night. >> it's never going to see the light of day. >> you'll do that to me? empire's not going to spend hundreds of thousands of dollars on an artist that would try to take us down. >> no. that's not why you killing it. you don't want anyone to hear it, because you want to be the
9:23 am
only one. >> i've always been the only one. >> that's what you thought. you know my album going to sell more than yours, but it's cool. >> you're right, hakim. that's the reason why. >> i deserve to be a king! >> bra sheer gray, yeah, he's awesome, very talented young man. dropped by good day not too long ago. >> he's our interview. >> it's going good. i'm stressed out because it's like season one on steroids. >> it's even worse -- drama. more family conflicts. it's empire season two. it gets, it gets crazy. >> well, fabulous. congratulations on season one. this is a megahit, and you're in the middle of it. >> man, i'm happy to be here so early in my career, 21. i'm just happy to be working with the greatest of the greats. >> so on the show not only do you have to learn your lines,
9:24 am
are you writing the songs? >> i'm writing the songs, coming up with the concepts. so on top of acting and doing 20-hour days, we go to the studio right after. the atmosphere on set is very musical. you may hear taraji say, baby, you need to put that on the hook. you may hear terence just walk around with his guitar and make music. it's easy to make music because the atmosphere's right there for you. >> awesome. i think we have a clip, right? >> yeah. >> let's check this out. >> what do you want? >> i just told you, ec shoot a music video, pop some bottles, get some pretty girls -- >> that's not going to cut it. >> at least i got songs. georgia hall doesn't have any -- jamal doesn't have any new songs. he's so busy complaining about how life sucks because he cut himself off. >> look, i'm not talking about jamal, i'm asking you what do you want? >> what do you want? >> little flashback there.
9:25 am
>> boo boo kitty. [laughter] >> what do you want, hakim? what do you want? >> hakim needs his father. he needs the right guidance, that's what i think. >> oh. >> yeah. >> so he doesn't really want the company, he wants his father's love? >> he wants his father's love. he wants the company, he wants to be a boss, but he doesn't have the knowledge and the right guidance to take it to the next level. >> and you had those love scenes last year with naomi? how did that go? did you have to redo those a few times? [laughter] >> it was wonderful. she's an iconic supermodel. it was great to be able to work with naomi campbell. she was amazing. >> wow. >> look at you, mr. 21-year-old. and then doing your rap stuff. is there a song that, like, for the new season that you kind of like that you can kind of share with us? >> well, i'm really liking this song called ain't about the money. >> how does it go? it ain't about the money, it's
9:26 am
>> it's a cool song. neyo produced it. >> the message is if it's not about the money, it's about the power. [laughter] they often go together. congratulations, man. great stuff for you and your family, i know you don't get to see them -- >> no, or i don't get to see them, but i had them come down here a couple of times ago, we went to the scare house, and it was fun. we were scared out of our minds. >> you're in l.a. but actually shoot this chicago. >> yes. >> gotcha. >> they holding it down, holding it down. >> what do you miss most about the old neighborhood? >> i just miss, you know, going jogging and going to play basketball, going to my friend's house around the corner and just enjoying life, you know? >> yeah. >> i'm a normal kid. i like doing normal things. >> sure. the stuff you're doing is a lot cooler right now. >> a lot. it's more grow. >> totally. we're so proud of you. will you come back? >> yes, i will.
9:27 am
i'll be here on the couch. >> sounds good. [laughter] empire, season two, wednesday
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rosanna: all right. greg: i love our book club and to date it is interesting, grit to agree, the authors are involved in some really incredible iconic advertising campaigns. this is the herbal essence. >> it is and experience you will be asking for. rosanna: the sexual innuendo is there. we have another one that is iconic. greg: i got major medical. >> that he is the doctors. >> paid a doctor, boys. >> your family. we get cash like our safety net.
9:31 am
less see the book cover, how perserverance, passion and extraordinary. the top of the advertising game was not always smooth sailing, let's meet linda kaplan sailor, welcome to you both. rosanna: why the boat? why did you want to get this book out? >> we wanted people to see that you don't need to be incredibly brilliant, michael jordan didn't make his high school varsity basketball team, colin powell was the scene my students, steven spielberg couldn't get into film school the first three times tried, you don't need that, you need a great factor. greg: i would like to hear your definition. >> we made it easy for people to remember, guts, resilience, initiative, tenacity. those character traits are more important to achieving success
9:32 am
than having a mensa iq or being a supertalented athlete. if you can master those traits you will make it. >> you feel these people went to harvard the door is open for the ivy league people, but how do you break through? i know you went to city college. >> gave me something no ivy school could. have to work a little harder. it is not open automatically, they had to figure route how to get the doors open. grit gets you the gig really at the end of the day. greg: a lot of our ivy league friends do have grit, name-brand school is the size of the point. the rest of us what does this mean? get rejected, you say getting
9:33 am
rejected is important. >> best thing that ever happened to you. greg: i fear it so much. >> it is the way you get ahead, you work through obstacles and concentrate on the day, forget about dreaming about your success, estee lauder said i never dreamed of success, just looked for it. we give you in the book caps on how to develop your grit so you can do any age. rosanna: you develop some of the most iconic advertisements. you sit there and look at herbal essence, yes yes yes. when it first came out it was kind of scandalous. and it sold a lot of shampoo. money. >> made l'oreal a lot of money. greg: grit, that initiative, tenacity.
9:34 am
rosanna: we describe ourselves as greedy because we feel all the laurentian that could, we go against the big networks. >> and people love you. greg: i see myself as a supersonic jet fighter. use and i should stop that, get realistic and make it happen. >> down to earth. rosanna: is there a different grit factor for women than men? >> no. that is the great thing. is not gender specific. it has no expiration date. there are amazing stories of people in verys and 90s doing incredible things. greg: the 30-second pause button. what is that all about? it is on page 91 of your book. >> it means before you do anything take a second, take some time to think about what it is fleet you are doing and make
9:35 am
prepared, overprepare for anything you do. we love to say overprepare. when you overscreepier you have the confidence, people will see it in your face even if you never get asked that question on an interview and if you spend 30 minutes more on at tass, that will be more than your competition. greg: guess what? they are not from brooklyn, they are from the bronx. how has that helped you being from that borough? >> you learn a lot of four letter words and grit was one of them. rosanna: what are you working on? >> i am the ceo of truth initiative, we are the people and the truth anti-smoking campaign, we save lives, keep kids from smoking. rosanna: what i you working on these days? >> we have wonderful brands we work on, wendy's and 1/2 --aflac
9:36 am
--aflac. >> does go broderick did that voice still? >> we got somebody else, a real guy, not an actor, who was terrific. rosanna: he will keep talking. >> a very pretty got. this duck has been around a long time and he does anything. he doesn't look a day over 12. greg: thank you so much. grit is great, how perseverance, passion from ordinary to extraordinary. let's go through one more time. debts, resilience, initiative, tenacity. rosanna: i like that. works at any age. i like that too. greg: doesn't matter if your boy or girl. the pope is inside the capitol
9:37 am
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greg: there is home free and breaking into the national scene. rosanna: they perform i went crazy, they clinched the title.
9:40 am
greg: let's meet the global bull is. down there, how is it going? you are with the bandanna. rob and chris, welcome to the show. rosanna: and some popular songs. how did you come up with this idea? >> this and the brothers. and picked us up along the way. we have nothing against them, we are not particularly good at it. >> we you good old boys? >> we are good -- >> where are you from? >> south georgia, down upon the of farm. >> where you guys from? >> we are from minnesota.
9:41 am
rosanna: minnesota is not part of the story. >> of reseda movie fargo? >> yes. greg: i am stopping. rosanna: what will you do today? >> we are going to do elvira by the oak ridge boys. >> you are home free, take it
9:42 am
9:43 am
greg: that was so cool! home free. you guys do have some instruments. the organ and the drum. when did you start doing that stuff? >> when i was in fifth grade was the first time i made notes but had no idea what i was doing. us. greg: you have a great voice. all you guys bring something to the table. rosanna: the new album is called country evolution. we can see you friday at town hall. tickets still available. >> a few. rosanna: so nice to meet you guys. you want to get into it? greg: play us out. rosanna: "good day" coming right back. join the millions who have already switched. we switched. and now, we're streaming netflix. who knew time warner cable's internet was so fast! mom switched. and now,
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9:47 am
let's listen for a moment. >> gentleman from california and the gentleman from new york, mr. crowley. rosanna: it is a very historic moment. the pontiff will make the first-ever address by a pope to congress and we will be showing that live on my 9 and streaming in on our web site greg: scheduled to happen in 12 minutes. liz dahlem is at madison square garden. the pope will be there tomorrow and so will we. >> good morning. a lot of people are excited to see the pope here tomorrow. it will be here before we know it. one thing all new yorkers are not looking forward to are these road closures and extensive delays that could be had on the trains because there will be a lot of frozen zones set up around the city to make sure the pope and get wary needs to be safely. the trains are definitely going to be your best bet. let's run you through what men stranded agency said doing to
9:48 am
help people get around a little easier. long island rail road adding eight penn station bound trains friday ahead of a papal mass, metro north will be running additional trains at the hudson, harlem and new haven lines and there will be extra service, the world trade center station is going to remain open the resemble the points to go through tomorrow, there will be a lot of security areas set up around the united nations, the memorial museum, as well as 112th street in harlem that the vote will be visiting in central park west, also shutdown for most of its entirety. that is something to keep an eye on. back out here live outside and station you can expect 0 close off, the evening commute could be messy. bill deblasio urging new yorkers to work from home if they can swing it a lot of people will be
9:49 am
out here in the elements. back to you guys. greg: robert moses. rosanna: hall was that apple? we found out pope francis likes to eat the same way greg does. >> it is so simple, he can do it. anything simple you can imagine he will do. rosanna: he doesn't like to pat the apple but just chomp on it. >> it is not important. greg: you are right. i ate it down -- robert moses is in midtown at st. patrick's. >> pope francis will undoubtedly received gifts when he comes to new york city. one of those gifts will be at chalice. it is that chalice forged from silver and years of friendship.
9:50 am
communion on his trip to new york city he is expected to use the work of masters silversmith's hand to do so. >> i waiting to see a friend, somebody i love a lot. >> this oversmith, has known the pope for more than a decade. i met him hours after he arrived in new york from argentina. he is anxious to see his old friend again. remembers the good old days when the cardinal presided at his wedding and baptize his daughter. they break bread together in one a series. >> i used to come to his office, used to be free, i used to say are you ok? and he used to make coffee milk for me. >> times have changed. his friend is lot holy father and there's no time for cookies and coffee together many more but he is still a silver'ssmith who has crafted one of the more
9:51 am
see, a silver chalice made from old jewelry donated by more than 800 people from all across the united states. >> with missing parts, lynx of the chain, broken ring, single piece of clearing. >> useless scrap smelted into a priceless treasure, a map of the united states occupies the reason. >> when he holds the chalice with both hands hall, balancing the country on his hands waiting for them. >> he is not sure precisely when the pope will use the chalice in new york but he is sure of one thing, his friend the holy father will make a point of the as many, ordinary people as he can. >> america is very respectful about security measures, you
9:52 am
people get close to the people. >> i asked what sets this pope apart from the others? >> he is not a boss, not a chief. he is a priest. >> and the priest who will hold a small piece of so many strangers right in his hand. >> after the prayer service here at st. pat's concludes, times have changed, when they get reacquainted will be just like old times. greg and roseanna back to you. >> time to go outside and look at our pope. rosanna: debuted it on "good day new york," this figure looks so much like the pontiff. wow, time warner cable really upgraded their network. 300 meg internet, clearer picture.
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rosanna: wait, here we go. greg: facebook fan of the hour, we have our own quotemobile featuring pope francis. only his likeness. >> you are not supposed to touch him. rosanna: are we going to get in
9:56 am
>> not in trouble but the debt is -- greg: let's move this popemobile. if you want to see the pope's speech you can on channel 9. rosanna: have a "good day," new york. goodbye, everybody. good bye. rosanna: the popemobile. here in vineland, home of soups... white breast meat chicken every time. so if you're not going to make your own chicken soup tonight, do what we do...make it progresso. you say avocado old el paso says... zesty chicken and avocado tacos in our stand 'n stuff tortillas .
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